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A Japanese iPhone Case for the 'Forever Alone' A Japanese iPhone Case for the 'Forever Alone'

I'm pretty sure we all know that the Japanese have some wacky ideas, but this one really took me by surprise. The latest thing coming from Japan is an iPhone case that has a... fake woman's hand attached to it. The case is supposed to feel just like an actual human hand and it is designed for those who want to hold someone's hand during their conversations. Good job, guys! It's not creepy at all...

The product is called Nami's Hand, and it is compatible with the iPhone 5 and iPhone 5S models. One of the most eerie things about the case is its quality. The level of realism and attention to details is surreal. Modeled after a real woman's hand (I'm guessing that her name is Nami), the product has all the palm and fingers wrinkles that the actual model had. Furthermore, its creator states that Nami's Hand offers a 'soft and fleshy feeling" to its customers. In case you want to buy it, the case is available for online purchasing, and it costs approximately $47 (5,142 yen).

Nami's handNami's hand

Besides the obvious ones (like why?!), I had a few questions about Nami's Hand. For example: there is no way that this case would fit in a man's pocket without being perfectly noticeable by everyone around him. This and the general purpose of the product, made me infer that the case is mostly designed for women, so then why not go for a male hand instead of a female one? After a little bit of digging up I found out the reason. As weird as it may seem, there already is a male hand case on the market called Yamato's Hand, but that one only works with iPhone 4 models.