Easily update your drivers

If you're tired of having to manually look for new drivers and install them on your PC, here are some of the best tools that can automate this process.
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Meet the Android O developer preview

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Turn off the default Windows 10 keylogger

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Sync your Facebook and Instagram accounts today!

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Open .docx files on your Mac

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Google Maps gets a new parking feature to rival Apple Maps

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Best new tweaks coming to Windows 10

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Upload photos from Windows 10 to Instagram

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Clean your Snapchat data: messages, conversations, stories

11 days ago
ESTI's Eye – an iPhone case and an Android phone This weird concept took Kickstarter by storm. Let’s have a look!
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Recommendations for making high quality audio mixes

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PlayStation Now brings PS4 titles to the PC

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Use Windows programs on a Chromebook

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Back up your Apple Watch

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Turn your Android device into a second PC monitor

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Google’s original podcast “City Soundtracks” is now on

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Top Mac apps to learn foreign languages

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Facebook’s “City Guides” feature helps you plan a trip

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Best services to watch movies online for free

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Will AI bring wearables to the peak of their popularity?

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Turkish Scorp: myth or reality?

Even though not many people have heard of it, Scorp is a video-centered social network that has recently been growing quite a lot in popularity.
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Samsung and Oculus present the first controller for Gear VR

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IMO: free video chat service for Windows

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Google Assistant is coming to your Android device

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Free additional storage space on the Mac you own

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iPhone 8 new rumors

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Ten best accessories for iPhone 7. Part 1

We’ve made a list of the best peripherals to supplement your new handset
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Wireless power bank chargers for the Apple Watch

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iPhone 8’s charger to go fully wireless

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