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Best macOS games to play if you're stuck at home

The coronavirus is affecting our life. We have to be responsible and stay indoors to slow the spread of the virus. Now it's high time to play games that you have always wanted to try but haven't got time. Here I'd like to present you with 5 popular games that will help you kill time and have fun. 

Assume the role of a teenager Max Caulfield with time-traveling abilities in the adventure game Life is Strange. Turn back time to save your friend and solve all mysteries related to the sleepy town Arcadia. Buy this game for $17.99 on Mac App Store and enjoy hand-painted characters and great soundtracks.

If you like quests, pick the first-shooter video game Gone Home for $15 from Steam. Play as a college student who returns home from abroad and finds out that all his relatives disappeared from the family's estate. Explore the house, look for clues and uncover all secrets of the dark mansion with a tragic story. 

In case you're fond of thought-provoking strategic games with psychological effects, pay attention to This War of Mine for $19.99 on Mac App Store. The game is based on historic events where you take the role of a civilian trying to survive the war. Make decisions, take care of other people and defend your shelter.

Are you crazy about horror survival games? If yes, purchase Lone Survivor at $14.99 on Steam. Become a protagonist who is trying to escape from the infected city. Make choices and think of each and every step. Moody music makes this game just great. 

A Story About My Uncle is a good pick if you like platformers. You are a young boy who searches for his uncle Fred who got lost on floating islands among strange creatures. At first, the game seems quite tedious because of simple 2D graphics and dull text. However, as soon as you apply your uncle's inventions, the game turns into 3D adventures. Buy it for $12.99 on Steam. 

 Play games and have a good time during your self-isolation!



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