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Check out Focus, a Chrome extension to keep you on point

Are you easily distracted by Facebook, YouTube or any of the modern-day entertainment options that keep popping on your laptop when you're trying to work? If you can't stoically handle them on your own, there's a Chrome extension called Focus, which helps you stay concentrated on the things that actually matter. Dubbed as a "friendly way to keep you from procrastinating" this plug-in is quite used as it succeeds in keeping you focused on your tasks.

What I like about Focus is that unlike similar tools, this one understands that you need breaks. If you manage to stay concentrated on your work for 25 minutes straight, the tool will reward you with a break, allowing you to access your distractions for a little while before resuming your work. Another cool thing about the plug-in is that it lets you make to-do lists and permanently keeps them in view so that you never lose sight of your goals. Furthermore, each item you complete gets crossed from the list, so you get some degree of satisfaction as you complete your tasks.


Simply install Focus on your Chrome browser, then define the websites that you generally use to procrastinate and the tool will prevent you from accessing them while you're working. Of course, it's not perfect, as you can still use another browser to bypass the blockade, but the assumption is that you're also willing to cooperate. From what I've seen, this plug-in is one of the best tools to keep you focused on your work, so I would recommend trying it out.