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Microsoft adds Touch Bar support to Office 2016

If you own a new MacBook Pro model and you spend a lot of time working with Microsoft's Office 2016 suite, I've got some really good news for you: the IT giant has just made the Touch Bar support available to all the users of the applications. Up until now, only those in the Office Insider program were benefiting from this feature, but now it seems that Microsoft is finally satisfied with how everything works, so Touch Bar support is available to all those who want to save some time.

From my perspective, this is a move that the Redmond-based company really had to make, especially since Apple's productivity tools already took advantage of the new possibilities offered by the Touch Bar. In case you're curious what you'll be able to do from the Touch Bar in Office 2016, I can give you a few examples: In Word, the bar can replace all the on-screen ribbons and commands, allowing you to enter a mode in which your screen shows only what you're writing, called Word Focus. In PowerPoint, the Touch Bar provides a very convenient way to manipulate the graphic elements on your screen. As far as Excel is concerned, the bar lets you quickly access cells, borders, colors and other functions. Finally, Outlook users will be able to access their most commonly used commands from the Touch Bar.

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