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Open your CD-ROM tray with a keyboard shortcut

Most computers and laptops do not actually provide their users with easy access to CD-ROM drive trays. The button, that is usually pressed to open a drive, may be really difficult to notice and push on some machines. Luckily, there is a way out for those who want to optimize their work to the full: a keyboard shortcut that opens the CD-ROM tray automatically. The effective solution is delivered by a free software tool called Door Control developed by Digola.

So, if dealing with optical disk drivers you want to switch from inconvenient buttons to a specified keyboard shortcut (alternatively an icon in the system tray), you need to download and install the Door Control program at first. It won't take you much time to install the app, plus clear on-screen instructions will help you complete the process with ease.

When Door Control is launched, an eject icon appears in the system tray. Placing your cursor over it will display a tooltip which shows which drive is currently selected and that no shortcut key is defined so far. For multiple drive trays there is an option to choose which drive you want to manage with the help of Door Control. To do this, right-click the eject icon → select the Drive option at the top → and pick the necessary drive from the submenu

The eject iconThe eject icon

Now, to finally create your own shortcut for handling the task, you should access the popup menu again (right-clicking the Door Control icon) and select Hot Key. In the new window make sure the cursor is put in the edit box. After that, press any keys on your keyboard to make a new shortcut (for example, Alt + Q) and press OK. Ta-da! Your shortcut key for opening the CD-ROM tray is ready. From now onward, you may press it and your disc tray will open. Alternatively, you may click on the eject icon in the system tray, this action does absolutely the same. If you are afraid to forget your key combination, don't panic: cover the icon in the tray with your mouse and you will see the assigned shortcut for opening the drive tray.

Obviously, you may ask me whether Door Control may close the CD-ROM tray. Well, it depends on the hardware you use. In most cases, it does close the drive on desktop computers, but not on laptops. You should test it by yourself, just click the icon for the second time or use the shortcut combination once again.

For users who prefer bright colors, there is an option to change the color of the eject symbol: how it looks in the tray and how it looks when you click on it. The easy settings are also found in the popup menu. Bear in mind that the Reset button makes the icon color black by default.

You may set the Door Control small utility to open automatically every time your Windows starts: right-click the icon → select the Load Door Control at Startup option. By the way, if you want to learn more about the ways users manage different tools on the startup list, here is the article on how to add and manage startup programs on Windows.

All in all, Door Control is a great yet very easy-to-use tool that comes in handy when you don't want to bother yourself with tray buttons on your device, no matter are they broken or it's just your whim. To my mind, this small third-party tool is perfect for accessing your CD-ROM drive trays without pushing the buttons, and users don't need other solutions. If you want to express your opinion, you are warmly welcomed to leave the comment below.

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