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Reddit modifies its home page to be more user-friendly

First impressions really matter and for websites, the first impression is always tied to their home page. On that note, Reddit has just announced that it's making a few changes to its front page to make the new users or the people who just stumble upon the websites want to stay. In case you're already a registered user, there's no need to worry: you won't see any kind of changes. The only people affected by these tweaks will be those who aren't yet members of the community.

In case you're curios what these changes are, they mostly regard the content displayed on Reddit's home page. Up until new, the page would display a list of subreddits selected by the site's team, but since it didn't get updated constantly, the selection didn't always contain the best that the website had to offer. From now on, the first thing that new users will see on the site will be the most popular subreddits with a few conditions: NSFW content will not be shown on the front page, subreddits that don't want to appear on the home page will not be shown and neither will be the sections that are "consistently filtered out" by the users. What this means is that the topics that a lot of people choose not to see (such as politics or religion) will not be shown. Whether that's fair or not is up to each user to judge.

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