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Apple Fixes Shellshock Vulnerability in OS X

Apple managed to find a way to solve the recently revealed vulnerability issue named Shellshock in their OS X products and released a patch that fixes the problem. Sadly, hackers don't take weekends off, so by the time the security problem was made public to the release of the patch, a total of 170,000 Shellshock-based attacks were tatgeted against Linux and Mac computers.

Shellshock is a recently revealed threat which was covered in a previous article. This shell-specific vulnerability affects every program and operating system which uses bash commands, so Linux and OS X are its biggest targets. Since the security bug has been announced to the general public, an average of 725 incidents per hour were registered.

Today, Apple released a patch designed to fix the Shellshock vulnerability in some of its OS X products such as Mavericks, Lion and Mountain Lion. The fixes aren't included in the update tool, so you will have to download them manually (you will find the links at the bottom of the page). It is highly recommended that you install these security patches as soon as possible.

The users of OS X Yosemite will have to wait a little longer, as Apple doesn't yet have a fix for that version of the operating system. One of the disadvantages of being in the beta stages is that every other commercial product takes precedence.

At MacRummors you will find the security updates for MavericksLion and Mountain Lion. (Different links, click on the OS X version that you are running.)