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Apple have redesigned the site

Apple have decided to change the look of their site. The redesigned apple.com has no 'Store' tab and no 'store.apple.com' domain any more. The change is remarkable. Before you had to switch tabs, loose precious time, or, maybe, even forget what exactly were you trying to find at the Store. This can hardly be called a pleasant experience ,as you have to focus on many things and keep lots of info in your head or written on a piece of paper.

Now, the buying experience has moved to the site itself: purchasing buttons and options are available on the products' pages. The need to jump from page to page in order to choose and buy the exact model you want has been eliminated. Now you open the page with the desired device or accessory and purchase it right from there: convenient, quick, without extra moves.

You can browse for accessories in the new way as well. Accessory pages focus on a few hand-picked items and provide category-browsing options below them.

One more pleasant thing – your shopping bag follows you through the site wherever you go, and you can check what you have already prepared to be ordered any moment you like.

“We redesigned Apple.com knowing that our customers want to explore, research and shop in one place”, - said an Apple spokesperson.

All the changes applied to the Apple site are for the better.