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Free Video Calls Now a Part of Facebook's Messenger App Free Video Calls Now a Part of Facebook's Messenger App

Facebook's Messenger app is becoming a more and more dangerous competitor for other big names in the business, like FaceTime, Skype or Hangout. Recently, the application added a video calling feature which will enable Android and iOS users to partake in video calls (even between the two operating systems). The update has started rolling out on Monday in the U.S and in several other countries. Unfortunately, it will still be a while (a few months) until this new feature is available in every corner of the world.

The video calls offered by the Messenger app are designed to work through a Wi-Fi or LTE connection even if the strength of your signal is bad. What's really cool is that, since this feature is also available for desktops, businesses will be able to use it as a reliable communication tool. If your Messenger app has been updated with this latest feature, all you have to do to initiate a video call is tap the camera icon from the upper-right corner of your chat window.

Messenger Video CallMessenger Video Call

Messenger is one of Facebook's most important apps, so the company is working hard on constantly improving it. For starters, they've allowed other developers to integrate the application into their own software, thus paving the way for a better way to check on the status of ordered products. Furthermore, since the beginning of the spring, Messenger users are able to send money to each other from within the app, so it's no wonder that the application is currently used by more than 600 million people.