Little Inferno Just For You

Tell me, who doesn’t like to play with fire? What if I told you that there is an outlet for your pyro fantasies? Well, there is, and it is a game called “Little Inferno”. A fireplace where you can burn toys, household items, military weapons, magic creatures, and everything else you can find in a special catalog of things to burn. So read on and see how you can burn a school bus full of kids without any repercussions or even a hint of guilt.

Little Inferno Fireplace

“Playing with fire is dangerous… but up out of your chimney, way up in the sky, it’s been snowing for years and no one knows why! Our world is getting colder, but there is no need for alarm. Just sit by your fire, burn all of your toys, and stay warm!” This is what Little Inferno is all about: burning things to stay warm.

From the start of the game you are given a fireplace, an unlimited amount of matches, and a catalog that lets you order things that you can burn. Burning items will give you coins that you can spend on more items to burn. Some of the burned items will give you stamps, which help you expedite the delivery of things from the catalog. There are also additional catalogs, which will also cost you money, but don’t worry – you will have plenty, especially when you discover combos. This is way too much information, so let me break it down for you.

There are seven catalogs in the game. Their pages are filled with items that you can purchase and, when they're delivered, throw those things into your fireplace to burn them. When you burn two or sometimes even more items together, you might uncover a combo (e.g. burning a TV and corn together gives you a “Movie Night” combo). There are 99 combos in the game in total, and you're only given their names trying to guess which items you're supposed to burn. Some of them are pretty straightforward, while others will keep you at play for hours on end.

In-Game Catalogues

During the game, you get to meet your neighbor. She is somewhat annoying, as she keeps sending you these never-ending letters with tips or other useless information, but her destiny is somewhat tragic, and you need to play the game yourself to figure out what is going to happen to her. Maybe the same fate awaits you in your pyro future.

A few words about the items you get to burn. In the beginning of the article, I’ve mentioned the school bus filled with kids, and while it is fun to burn, there are other ridiculous items you can purchase for burning, including a mini moon or tiny galaxies or bombs or numerous electronic devices or someone else’s credit cards. Oh, how do I love to burn someone else’s credit cards! The game also features some really incredible tunes. They are so good that the developers released the soundtrack for the game. The whole CD is just 23 minutes long as it features mostly short tracks, particularly the burned items themes, but the good news is that you can use those as your ringtones on your phone.

So if you are into burning things, but are tired of getting arrested or would like a safe way to practice your disturbance, feel free to try this game out. It is much better to burn things on your computer screen than in real life… and so much safer! For everybody!

Please Be Careful!

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So what are you burning this winter?


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Burning gift wraps in a flaming potpourri sounds just like the thing for me.

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