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Nude Snapchat Pictures And Videos Reportedly Revealed Nude Snapchat Pictures And Videos Reportedly Revealed

Another "pillar of the community" has fallen, and (again!) 4chan is at the center of it all. Recently, roughly 13 GB worth of pictures and videos belonging to Snapchat users have been released on the 4chan discussion forum. Apparently, the private media files were hacked from a website called Snapsaved (do not confuse it with the Snapsave app).

Let's take it one step at a time. Snapchat is an Android and iOS app that creates a private environment in which its users can share pictures and videos that self destruct, thus leaving no evidence of their existence (at least in theory). In a previous article, I talked about how this app isn't as private as one might think because while the media files destroy themselves and are no longer viewable by their recipient(s), they are still saved on the app's servers.

However, in this case, the problem wasn't in the app itself, but in a website called Snapsaved which is used to save the files people receive on Snapchat. The respective site got hacked (apparently, by the same cyber-criminals who leaked the raunchy celebrity photos this summer) and approximately 100,000 pictures and videos are now floating on the Internet under the name of "The Snappening".

The silver lining is that the media files aren't indexed, so they can't be correlated to their respective users. Furthermore, most of the photos and videos contain normal images of people doing regular activities such as experimenting with hairdos, cooking, etc. However, some of the media files contain nudity and the very sad part is that it is impossible to determine how many of them belonged to underage users, but the law in most countries is that anyone downloading the images could be charged with possession of child pornography.