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Facebook Launched a New App Called Riff Facebook Launched a New App Called Riff

This Wednesday, Facebook launched a new video making app that works on Android and iOS. Admittedly, there are already several other tools of this kind, but what's special about Riff (that's how the app was code-named) is that it's heavily focused on collaboration features, allowing people to have fun together and express their creativity in a single (unified) video. This app is a standalone tool and can be downloaded for free from iTunes and the Google Play Store.

Riff works like this: you use the app to make a video of up to 20 seconds and then share it with your friends, but the fun doesn't end there. The people who you shared the media file with can add their own 20 seconds of video to it and so on, thus creating and awesome chain of events. Basically, you could start out by making a video about solar flares which after several additions could end up with a kitten slapping a raccoon that's stealing its food. A big advantage (which could also prove to be a nuisance) is that the total length of the video isn't limited, so everyone who wants to add to it will be able to do so.

The company hopes that an app which opens the videos to people's friends will produce very interesting results and might even end up in some of them going viral. When talking about the app, Facebook's product manager Josh Miller said: “We don’t know what a Riff is going to be good for, and our hunch is that we’re going to learn from the best ones in the community."