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Future HP laptops to embed privacy screens Future HP laptops to embed privacy screens

I'm not sure about your feelings on the matter, but I always hate it when somebody keeps staring at the screen of my laptop. Even if I'm doing something incredibly normal like playing a game, watching YouTube videos or working, it's still incredibly frustrating. Since it's something that actually bothers me I've looked for a solution and found a few screen covers which can protect your privacy, but they looked pretty clunky and inconvenient so I gave up on the matter. The good news is that the guys from HP have also realized this problem and have teamed up with a 3M in order to build laptops with native privacy-protection screens.

In case you're wondering about how such a feat is achieved, the answer is pretty simple in principle. Screens that have the privacy protection feature will narrow the field of view so only the person sitting right in front of the laptop will be able to see what's on them, while people looking from other angles will only see a dark display. What's really cool about this concept is that the feature can be enabled and disabled by the push of a button, which means that you can turn it on whenever prying eyes are glued to your screen and easily turn it off when you want to show a funny cat video to your buddy.

Unfortunately, there is no word about when this kind of laptops will hit the markets, but it probably won't take very long. Hopefully, other laptop-manufacturing companies adopt the same idea so that all of us can decide who is allowed to look at our screens and who isn't.