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Google Is Developing a Cancer Detecting Pill Google Is Developing a Cancer Detecting Pill

Google X, Google's department tasked with creating futuristic technology (like the one you saw in SF movies and never thought possible) seems to be on the verge of improving modern medicine. The researchers from the X Labs are working on a pill covered with nanoparticles which are capable of detecting cancer. 

The nanoparticles which cover the entire surface of the pill travel through the patient's bloodstream and can be directed toward any desired organ with the help of magnetic wearable devices. Furthermore, the same wearable gadgets are able to count the particles and offer complete data about any possible condition encountered. Since they are really small (1/1000 of the size of a red cell), these nanoparticles can attach themselves to proteins, molecules and cells in the patient's body, so there might come a time when they will actually replace today's traditional blood tests.

This isn't the first time the Google X Labs have dabbled in the field of medicine. At the beginning of 2014, they were trying to develop a special type of eye lenses that can measure the glucose levels in the patient's blood. Since people diagnosed with diabetes have to constantly prick their fingers to test the glucose levels, having a way to obtain the necessary information from tears, could be a lot less painful and a lot less scary in case you have a needle phobia. Last we heard, Google was looking for partners to help them come up with a marketable product.

Andrew Conrad, the researcher in charge of the project, stated that implementing the particles system would take at least five years. Furthermore, according to him, Google will license the technology to partner companies and will not be the single entity that manages the information collected by the nanoparticles.


I like this Google's initiative and if it becomes success and I wish them as well, then never ever people will forget the name Google till this world exists and that's for sure.

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