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Google Plans to Improve Chrome's Safe Browsing Technology

According to a recent announcement posted on its Online Security Blog, Google is working on several improvements for its Safe Browsing technology which should start rolling out in the near future. This means that you will soon start seeing a lot more Safe Browsing warnings than you did in the past. I recommend being careful if you encounter such alerts as these only show up when the defense system detects malware, phishing schemes, unwanted applications and similar things.

For the past year, the IT giant has been working assiduously at improving the user's protection on the Internet, focusing on ad injectors (tools that insert or replace ads in webpages) and networks that operate without strict quality guidelines. Now, the company is ready to add the results of its hard work into the browser, thus enhancing the user's online security. The protection offered by Google's Safe Browsing technology isn't only restricted to malicious webpages but also to the programs that you download. Moreover, this kind of defense is also embedded in the Firefox and Safari browsers and extends over multiple platforms like Windows, Mac, Android or iOS.

Safe Browsing WarningSafe Browsing Warning

If you've been using Chrome for a long while, I'm sure you've seen at least one Safe Browsing warning at one time or another (it looks like the image to the right). Be careful if you see one as, in my experience, the technology is rarely prone to false positives.

To read the entire Google blog post announcement click on this link.