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Kindle Ebooks Can Jeopardize Your Amazon Account Kindle Ebooks Can Jeopardize Your Amazon Account

Apparently, ebooks can be dangerous. A researcher discovered a flaw that can make Kindle ebooks compromise the safety of your Amazon account. The issue is related to a vulnerability which allows hackers to introduce scripts into the metadata (title, author, etc) of Ebooks.

According to the study, malicious persons can insert scripts into the title of ebooks and program them to run automatically when the Kindle tool are analyzing the respective book. Simply put, someone can inject a code line into the metadata attached to the ebook and execute the script immediately after the user launches the Kindle Library. This means that a hacker can possibly access the account cookies and thus gain access to your Amazon log-in information.  

From what I know, this vulnerability was fixed a year ago, but it seems to have reappeared. This kind of hack is known for affecting the 'Manage Your Content and Devices' and the 'Manage your Kindle' webpages in the Amazon Store. Although by the time you are reading this, the vulnerability may no longer affect Amazon-related pages, it can still be modified to hack other apps and services.

The researcher (Benjamin Daniel Mussler) went on to say that those who are most likely to suffer from this type of attack are the ones who use shady sources to procure (pirate) their e-books. So, at least in theory, you should be safe as long as you buy your merchandise from trusted sources instead of pirating (stealing) it.

For more details you can visit the following website.