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Meet Imagus, The Browser Add-on That Helps You Enlarge Images

People who do a lot of online shopping, know how much quicker it would be if they could see the enlarged image of the product, without having to click on it, simply by hovering their mouse over it. The good news is that a new browser add-on called Imagus does exactly that without charging you anything.

Imagus is compatible with most of the popular browsers (Chrome, Mozilla, Opera, Safari, etc.) so you won't have to change your favorite way of surfing the Internet. The extension is handy for those who shop a lot on Amazon, users who spend much time scrolling though Google images, people searching for apartments online, for those within the Reddit community, etc. The only problem (if you would want to call it that way) is that Imagus doesn't actually enlarge images but quickly displays them in their actual sizes. So, if a web-page features a shrunken version of a 800X600 image, hovering your mouse over it will overlay the pic with its real size. However, if the actual size of the picture you are looking at is very small, it won't get zoomed but simply displayed as it is.

Imagus SettingsImagus Settings

The tool comes with a few handy settings that allow you to choose the amount of time you need to hover over an image in order for the extension to trigger, determine the area of the screen where the picture will be displayed or bind a key that will temporarily disable Imagus. Just remember to save your settings before exiting the screen in order for them to take effect. If you want to try it out, all the versions of Imagus can be found on this page.