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Meet Upright, the posture training wearable Meet Upright, the posture training wearable

According to the evolutionists, man was the first ape to stand upright, but the requirements of the era we're living in seem to turn back the wheel of time. Nowadays, many people have desk jobs where they spend hours on end staring into computer screens and, if the desks setups aren't ergonomically correct, most of them will have back issues. A new wearable called Upright seems like a great solution for this issue as it alerts its users through vibrations whenever they're slouching. This device, which will train you to sit in a correct posture, is already available for pre-orders and will start shipping out to its customers on December 15.

New Evolution TheoryNew Evolution Theory

Upright is a small device which needs to be attached to your lower back so that it can sense when your position is unhealthy and vibrate in order to make you sit with your back straight. The wearable sticks to your back using hypoallergenic stickers which should be changed every day, so you don't need to worry about rashes or other skin conditions. The original pack will include 60 of these stickers, and the company will most likely sell additional packs to those who run out. Furthermore, the device can communicate with Android and iOS devices via Bluetooth and USB connections, so that all the data it gathers is sent to the respective apps. The application is optional, but if you choose to use it, you will receive customized training programs which will strengthen your spine and improve your posture.


In case you were curious, an Upright pack will cost you almost $130 USD, but what's really cool, especially for a startup company, is that they offer a 30-day money back guarantee. For more details or to purchase the wearable you should visit its official website.