Angry Birds Against Bad Piggies Angry Birds Against Bad Piggies

Often, when we watch movies, we root for either of the sides (the good or the evil), depending on which is the cutest, the funniest, the best played, or whatever. And each time we feel something new. This seems to be true for the games too. Last weekend, Rovio - the developers of Angry Birds series - released their new game, in which they let us taste the other, darker side. And it turned out that it's really different.

Piggies Come To The ScenePiggies Come To The Scene

Mismatch #1

Well, one of the major differences, as I mentioned, is the side we play. Four variants of angry birds have seen the world so far. And in each of them (the classic version, Rio, Seasons, Space, including the strange Mars spin-off) we were always playing as heroes trying to save their unborn children. And while doing so, have you ever thought about how the pigs feel? As for me, I didn't. I've always thought they were just happy with their mischiefs, and they, in fact, were. But just try to imagine how much effort it would cost them to save their lives after the crime? This game provides a completely new experience in the series, giving the answer to that question.

Levels DifferLevels Differ

Mismatch #2

The next distinction concerns the gameplay. What did we do with the birds? Using the sling, we had to hit different boxes, bricks, and some kind of vehicles to destroy the pigs inside and thus reach the king and the stolen eggs. Sometimes this was to be done in accordance with some natural forces, with close attention to physics. This time physics are also involved, but in a completely new way. There are no slings or other catapults. We are given a chance to feel ourselves like young inventors, building moving and flying machines to collect parts of the map that leads to the eggs.

Frankly speaking, it is not that easy to do. On each level, you have some objectives to meet if you want to get more points and collect all three stars: sometimes you have to pass a level without using some devices, like one of the wheels, or without getting on a TNT box, etc. Oh, and the machines themselves are rather fragile and are easily broken.

Visual CuesVisual Cues

Mismatch #3

Another very noticeable difference lies in the landscape. You won't see large even-ground places, like those in classic Angry Birds. There are hills, tunnels, and other obstacles, which you are to traverse using your inventions. The landscape makes you think of building a new perfect machine each time. New levels bring new routes and new whirls. The craziest machines can turn out most viable and effective, like a box with four wheels and some bottles attached to it. Some levels have small pits, which will make your vehicle roll over if it is not balanced enough. The mechanics of the game make you think about the best placing for the pig driver as well, as it also affects the result.

Summing it up, if you want some new impressions, try this game. Your blue-eyed boy will probably have a snout instead of a beak; but it's only after some funny crashes that you can find out who wins your heart. Mine is for the Piggies.

Picture and video credit: Rovio.

Which of the two sides do you root for more?

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Bad Piggies

You'll have to create a flying machine and steer the piggies to destination.

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