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Flash content to be blocked in Chrome by the end of the year Flash content to be blocked in Chrome by the end of the year

Google, Mozilla, Opera and other companies that create major web browsers have been on a quest to sideline Flash-specific content and to replace it with HTML5. Recently, the team behind Chrome made a very interesting announcement, which stated that by the end of this year, only a whitelist containing ten websites will be able to still run the Flash Player inside the browser. This list will be updated yearly, gradually removing websites until the Flash content will be completely gone.

Part of an initiative called "HTML5 by Default", these changes will make HTML5 the primordial experience in Chrome. The web browser will still embed Adobe's Flash Player, but whenever HTML5 is available, it will choose that one first. Furthermore, the first time you visit a website that wants to display Flash content, the plug-in will not start by default and you will need to give your consent in order to view the video. Don't worry though, once you enable the Flash Player, it will remain like that every time you visit that specific website, so you won't have to constantly waste your time. Lastly, enterprises will be given an option that will allow them to universally enable Flash videos.

R.I.P. FlashR.I.P. Flash

In case you're wondering why everybody seems to prefer HTML5 over Flash, it's because the format loads faster, requires less power to run and provides a more integrated media experience. Moreover, Flash Player is also one of the most insecure applications that you'll ever use. Sadly, this doesn't actually mean that Flash content will be gone for good as Adobe's format will still be used for things like web gaming and premium content.