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Google created an Enterprise-like comunicator badge Google created an Enterprise-like comunicator badge

Recently, we found out that Google is working on some truly amazing projects like a giant dog-like robot for the US military or an innovative way of clearing out the air pollution in cities. However, despite their clearly important bigger importance, none made feel more giddy than their latest prototype: a lapel-pin which allows you to communicate with a computer when you touch it. "Picard to the bridge! Switch to red alert!" The Star Trek-like communicator is equipped with Bluetooth, a microphone and touch sensors so that it can react when you touch it and capture your voice. Unfortunately, it doesn't work just like in the movie as you will still need your phone to be nearby for you to be able to communicate.

According to the details that Google's Amit Singhal shared with the press, the device could use either an embedded speaker or in ear buds for the sound output requirements. While talking to the Time, Mr Singhal stated: "I always wanted that pin. [..] You just ask it anything and it works. That’s why we were like, 'Let’s go prototype that and see how it feels.'" The lapel-pin communicator is still in its early testing phases, but I bet me and all the other Start Trek geeks out there are really hoping that it will soon become a marketable product.

Google wasn't shy at all at admitting that the popular TV series was their inspiration for the prototype and I can't help but wonder if they also take requests. My first thought was to ask for a lightsaber, but I'm afraid I would hurt myself with it, so I would settle for a food and drink replicator like the one on the Enterprise. Google, what do you say?