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Key data protection trends for 2022 Key data protection trends for 2022

Cybersecurity remains one of the major concerns for organizations and individuals. However, it’s better to be prepared for the worst in 2022, since it will likely bring new risks of cybersecurity and data breaches.

Following the discovery of the major security flaw in Log4jDecember, it is predicted that hackers will further exploit the vulnerability found there. According to some security researchers, a significant growth in cyber-attacks on vulnerable servers may be expected.

Moreover, the pandemic has created additional opportunities for cybercriminals to attack people working from home and accessing corporate networks remotely, and hackers will continue to take advantage of that. Private data like banking information and personal passwords of common computer users will also become a target for some scammers since people tend to spend more time on digital devices compared to the time before the outbreak.

Another trend expected to grow in 2022 is misinformation. Amid decreasing trust in government and science, deepfakes, manipulated media, conspiracy theories, and other fake information grab people's attention and make them believe something is real when it is not.

It is clear that cyber attackers will continue to look for more sophisticated ways to exploit people's weaknesses. That is why protecting your data is so important. To secure data privacy you can take such steps as enabling two-factor authentication, like biometrics and push notifications, using a VPN when connecting to a public Wi-Fi network and maintaining critical thinking.