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Pandora users will now see suggestions for concerts Pandora users will now see suggestions for concerts

Despite the fierce competition that Pandora is currently facing, the music streaming service takes its sweet time to catch up to the best features offered by similar applications. As an example, the company has just announced a new function that will recommend concerts, which will take place in your vicinity. Since Spotify has been offering this kind of functionality for more than half of year now, you can understand why many people think that Pandora is late to the party.

Last October, Pandora paid $450 million to acquire Ticketfly, a very popular ticket distribution service. Now, the music streaming service is finally putting its acquisition to good use, relying on Ticketfly to provide the concert related-information. From now on, when one of the artists or bands that you enjoy listening to is involved in an event that takes place in your general vicinity, Pandora will notify you about it through a suggestion. Additionally, if you're interested in attending that concert, all you have to do is to tap the notification that you received and you will be automatically taken to Ticketfly so that you can buy a ticket. Lastly, in case tickets aren't yet available, you can set a reminder and the application will alert you as soon the tickets go on sale.

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