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Smartphones Are To Utter Health Warnings

The University of Derby has performed a thorough research that confirms that smartphones can cause a serious addiction and be hazardous to our health. The final results have announced that 13% of all 256 participants are psychologically device-addicted and waste about 3,6 hours per day on smartphones.

This way, the study proves that mobile phone overuse can lead to narcissism and neuroticism. Sure, this addiction differs from the one caused by alcohol or smoking but still, smartphone users can be strongly distracted from the real life. That's why it's stated that smarphones should give us health warnings about possible ill effects.

Dr Zaheer Hussain suggested that ''People need to know the potential addictive properties of new technologies. It [the warning] could be before they purchase them or before they download an app. If you’re downloading a game such as Candy Crush or Flappy Bird there could be a warning saying that you could end up playing this for hours and you have other responsibilities [that could be neglected]''.