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The Inbox App Is Finally Out of Beta The Inbox App Is Finally Out of Beta

After 8 months of closed beta testing in which only a limited group of people got to try it out, Google's Inbox app is now available to anyone willing to install it. The application works on Android as well as on iOS-powered devices and all you need to use it is a Gmail or Google Apps account. Furthermore, besides wider availability, the latest update also brought with it a handful of useful new features.

In case you are not very familiar with the subject, Inbox is basically an overhauled version of Gmail, a smarter e-mail client alternative created by Google. What's special about the app is that it can automatically create categories from similar e-mails, highlight the important fragments from your emails and prioritize the way it displays the messages that you receive based on their importance. Furthermore, another cool feature is the ability to snooze e-mail notifications and program them to reappear at a later time or when you are in a specific location.

As far as the new features brought by this latest update go, the most interesting one has to be the ability to undo sent messages. Basically if you've mistakenly sent an e-mail to the wrong contact, you can quickly pull it back and send it to the correct recipient. I'm not totally sure how this works, but I guess you need to move pretty quickly and undo the action before the target has time to open the e-mail. Additional functionality includes the capability to view to-do lists created with Google Keep inside the Inbox app, the possibility to quickly swipe away messages or the ability to easily make dinner or food reservation thanks to Google's partnership with HotelTonight and Eat24.