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TieFi Helps Dads Everywhere Keep Their Kids Closer TieFi Helps Dads Everywhere Keep Their Kids Closer

Kids nowadays spend a lot of time on their gadgets playing or talking to their online friends. Amongst many other disadvantages, this means that they also don't have too much time to spend near their father and that is an obstacle hard to overcome. However, a new gadget called TieFi could help dads everywhere take care of this problem, by forcing kids to be at least near them, even if their eyes continue to be glued to the displays.

TieFi isn't only a fashion accessory but also a pretty neat tech invention which works like this: the tie hijacks the Wi-Fi signal in your house and diverts it so that it's only effective within 10 feet of the wearer. Simply put it and when you wear the TieFi, the only place to get a working Wi-Fi connection will be in your proximity. Unfortunately, the gadget isn't available in shops so you will have to make it yourself, which is quite difficult if you're not a tech savvy guy and, even if you are, you will need a few things like a Raspberry Pi, a micro SD card, an external battery, etc.

The gadget was developed by a Canadian advertising company named Grip Limited as a way to demonstrate how absurd things have gotten. The fact that there actually is a need for such a product speaks volumes about how hard parents have to try in order to connect with their children in today's society. Even though this is all just a satire, on the TieFi website you will find a downloadable tutorial that will teach you how to create your own Wi-Fi rerouting device.