Top Tech Offenses That Are Actually OK Top Tech Offenses That Are Actually OK

Living in a world of high technology we have become the slaves of the system. What system? Well, I am talking about the Internet and its creatures – e-mail, instant messaging, and... ta-da, the great variety of social networks.

Do you still remember those times when we had to send someone a post card to congratulate them on their birthday? Or when we could pay someone a compliment without all these 'like' buttons, but just by saying, “Hey, you look great! Your dress is awesome!”?

In fact, the existence of networks does, undoubtedly, simplify our life. There's no need to keeping in mind all your friends' birthdays, no need to drop in to chat with somebody. But this system also forces us into making new mistakes – and we feel guilty about that. Should we? Pondering over this question, I would like to name some of the most popular tech-behavior faults that are not actually that bad.

1. You didn't answer an e-mail

You can do that on purpose or simply because you haven't noticed the new e-mail. By God, if it was not your boss writing about some urgent task or threatening to fire you, calm down. Still worried? If something really bad did happen, your friend/lover/relative/colleague would certainly give you a call, right?

2. You didn't accept someone's friendship request

My first question is: am I obliged to do this? Obviously, if you do not want to accept someone's friendship, you've got a number of excuses for that. I'm sure that your close friends are already on your list. If you're still worried, you may say that there must have been some sort of bug in the system. Anyway, sometimes it happens.

3. You call someone back without listening to their voice message

Please confess: are you really willing to listen to Uncle Benny babble on about his dog, his farm, Barack Obama, the weather (which could be oh so much better) and other staff like that? Well, at least you didn't respond to the voice message by writing a measly text.

4. You don't reply when there's no question in the text message

You just have nothing to reply to. No question – no answer. The only exception is if the message contains something like: “I'm fed up with this life. Good bye, this cruel world.” Situations like this should indeed cause alarm. In this case, I strongly advise that you visit that person or call a doctor or both.

5. You quietly unfriend someone you no longer wish to hang out with

If they start writing angry messages demanding that you explain yourself, you can always go with the "You don't really communicate with me anyway" kind of thing. Or, if you are completely fed up with someone, don't forget that any social network has a blacklist. It's an awesome invention!

6. You didn't attend your friend's birthday despite his inviting you on Facebook

Well, Facebook is a great social network and all, but still, if you want me at your birthday party, give me a call or text me. Inviting friends on Facebook can turn out to be a big mistake since some of your dudes will always fail to notice the invitation or just don't visit their page at all. Who is to blame?

7. You unsubscribe from your friends' groups

Very often it happens that our friends add us to a great number of social groups that don't seem, to put it mildly, that much exciting to us. Feel free to ignore these invitations. Remember that it is your profile, and your page, and you may do whatever you want with it.

Do you agree that social networks lead us to new problems?


You bet they do.

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Yulian Rohmy

Yes, sometimes it happens. For instance, yesterday my account was cracked and evil hackers changed all my settings. They altered my birthday and everybody congratulated me on this particular wrong occasion. It was funny Smile

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Hloy Dranks

Yup. It has become easier to offend each other with innocent words as conversation began to lack that emotional fill, required for correct understanding.

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I partially agree with this statement, as on the one hand, social networks simplify communication, but on the other, if the human factor takes place (as in our case), we face certain problems, that's axiomatic.

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