Apple vs Samsung – Hail the new winner!

I don't know about you, dear readers, but I'm getting tired of the endless Apple–against–Samsung war. Yet, the battle takes a new turn and is held on a fresh ground – in the U.K. – and it deserves to be discussed.

So, here's the deal: Apple has lost the process against its Korean rival and was prescribed to publicly admit that iPad's design was not infringed by Samsung's tablets. Judge Colin Birss made a decision on July 9 that Apple should make a publication to British newspapers and its U.K. website focusing upon Samsung being innocent of crime.

These publications are needed to make it clear for everyone that Samsung didn't break the U.K. Law, despite numerous lawsuits against the Koreans across the four continents (remember the U.S., for instance), which definitely harm Samsung's sales rates.

Yet this order can't be found directly in Birss' judgment, though it was discussed later in court. According to Judge Colin Birss' words, provided by Bloomberg, the order should correct the mistaken impression that Samsung copied the Apple's product. He said that the post should remain on Apple's U.K. home page for 6 months. This is seen as an attempt to heal the publicity wounds made by Apple to the Korean rival. Still, it is said to be unusual even for the British law. In other words Apple is obliged to advertise its rival, but who would do it willingly?

If you've been lucky to read the judgment, you know that Samsung won the case with the judge stating: “They are not as cool.” Thus, the court victory has allowed Samsung to sell its products on the British market, though it has colored its product's reputation in grey at the same time. On the other hand, Apple went out of the court building with no sales injunction in hand.

Well, this round is after Samsung, but was it the last lawsuit in sight? Frankly speaking, I doubt.

Will the war ever end?


How can Samsung copy Apple? This is ridiculous, those two companies are competing against each other.
For what? If people want to buy Samsung products, there's nothing to do with Apple and vice versa.
To make it clear, if people want to buy Apple products , there's nothing to with Samsung.
I think, both of them are wasting their money. For me I will go for Samsung because their products are cheaper and still do the same function as any other product. Just stop bickering and do your job both of you (Apple and Samsung).

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Danford Blitz

Of course, no. The war is endless. All the ballyhoos are welcome, the companies are on everybody's lips that means great bucks of money

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