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Track Santa with NORAD and Microsoft Track Santa with NORAD and Microsoft

Oh, modern technology, you... beautiful thing. "What would I give to be able to track Santa from the comfort of my PC or phone?", I asked myself. And actually, I wouldn't trade my ten-year old slippers that started to stink six years ago for this very ability. But I must admit it's kind of fun to do when you're supposed to be working. 

Microsoft and NORAD teamed up to give us a way to track Santa by launching a website and releasing apps for Android, iOS, and Windows Phones. The website and apps are beautiful-looking: the designers did their job well. Microsoft also decided that it was the time and place to promote their famous browser, Internet Explorer. It kind of kills the mood for me, I personally like my holidays IE-free, but I guess there's always a catch to everything free. I couldn't find it in the Google version of the Santa Tracker, though, but it must be in there somewhere, right? The Microsoft's version has games, so that might affect your choice if you decide to go for a Santa tracker. 

Norad Tracks Santa apps: Android, iOS, Windows Phone.