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It's Time to Get Real with GetReal It's Time to Get Real with GetReal

Dating apps have become a new trend in the recent year or two, attracting a lot of people to participate in this find-a-date roulette. The concept of these apps rarely changes, and the market seems impossible to get into at this point, with very strong competition from the already established giants, like Tinder or OkCupid. Sometimes we hear about new apps with a more interesting concept, for example, Happn. And that is exactly the case with GetReal - a recently released "dating" (not really) app for iOS.

GetReal is not really focused on dating and everything related, it is more of an app that encourages people to meet in real life rather than spend time instant-messaging each other. The basic in-app flow goes like this: when you open it up, it shows you users who are both willing to meet (in theory) and are currently located in your immediate vicinity. If you spot someone who is of interest to you, you can send a meeting request specifying the location within the app (with the pin-drop feature). Optionally, you can attach a message to your request. Then the other party has 30 minutes to accept/decline/defer your request. To assess whether you want to meet with someone, you can see their profile with a photo and a short paragraph of who the person is (much like in Twitter). You can also see whether you and that person share any mutual friends/acquaintances/contacts on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

To find more info about the app, check out this page.

GetReal on iTunes.