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Video Challenge App FightMe Released Video Challenge App FightMe Released

FightMe is a fresh startup that aims to become THE platform for all future Ice Bucket Challenge-like movements. The idea behind it is quite simple: the Ice Bucket Challenge had a lot of participants but no comfortable or dedicated platform for challengers, and that's why the creators of FightMe decided to create one. The app allows users to create/start new 30-second challenges and join in active ones. You can nominate someone via Facebook, Twitter, or SMS. The habitual "like" system has been replaced with something a little different - instead of receiving likes, you "gain applauds"

Although FightMe seems to be a solution, it doesn't exactly scale for global audience at this point: even presuming everyone has a smartphone, the majority wouldn't have Apple devices. The app for iOS has been launched, but I'm not sure the startup can reach its full potential just yet. The good news is that an Android version is in development, and you can sign up to get your hands on early alpha builds here.

Here's a quick look at a  #singing challenge. You can find the link to FightMe on the App Store below. 

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