Top 5 future Siri features Top 5 future Siri features

Apple is about to allow the third party developers to integrate Siri into their apps. It will be the control center of Apple smart houses and probably people's lives. Still let's learn about top 5 new functions that will be provided to make our life even more comfortable but at the same time more iOS-dependent. Here I invite you to a small journey into my usual evening in the future.


Every evening I return back from office, I am hungry, and I want some delicious food. Food is sure one of the most important needs of a human being, especially for me. Siri will be always there for the need satisfaction. Whether you like it or not , you can always say «Siri, order me my favorite burger», doubtfully healthy food, sure tasty, a high-calorie provision that comes to you from your favorite place. It's harder and harder to keep in shape with every Siri update.

Black Label BurgerBlack Label Burger


To buy food, you need some money. Since you are an Apple user, you can ask your friends, parents or any other iOS user to transfer you some cash. They'll do it in a couple of seconds. All they are to say is «Transfer Marco 15 dollars for his favorite burger». It's better to transfer 30 dollars since actually that's the price of the Black Label Burger at Minetta Tavern. You should definitely pilgrimage to Minetta Tavern. If you are the same kind of burger fans as I am, you won't ever regret it. Once, I found it using the Restaurant Guide app. It looks for the best places to eat wherever you are. I strongly recommend you to download Restaurant Guide. Without this app, I wouldn't know about the unique place just a few kilometers away from my place.

Radio and climate control management

Unfortunately, as far as I know, Minetta Tavern doesn't have any delivery service. So, I go there by my car. Now, it's getting hot outside, but iPhone helps me out also in this kind of difficult situation. The car manufacturers will also get the access to Siri code to develop new features. The first functions that we as users will acquire are the climate control management and the radio tuning just by saying Siri what we want to listen to at the moment. It will make the pilgrimage in traffic jams a bit less dull. 

Smart house + Siri make the house genius

Now that we are not hungry anymore, it's time to go back home, to our house and as I've already mentioned at the very beginning of the article, Siri will take control over our houses, but only the «smart» ones. Using Apple TV as a control center, you can ask Siri to open / close the entry door, turn on / off the light and the climate control because it's pretty hot even in the evening now. I want Siri to cook dinner, make a bed, clean everything while I'm away and then I'll be ready to acknowledge that my house with Siri is smarter than me.


Messaging with Siri

In the evening, I just enjoy my life messaging with my friends. Siri does all the rest. It is extremely multifunctional. Why? Because it can do all the things written above and at the same time help you chat. With the updates, Siri will parse your messages and offer you to input some results on the base of parsing. Siri will offer you a date, a place and then add it to your calendar.

It's up to you to enjoy the upcoming changes or sell your flat and move to a forest the further from tech world the better. I'll stay here and will tell you about the coolest stuff changing our life every day. If you enjoyed the article, you might also like to learn how TensorFlow will change Apple users life.

I love Siri!

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