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Google cars will glue struck pedestrians to the hood

A lot of cars meet with accidents and self-driving cars are not an exception, since it's quite a complicated task for computers to analyze the situation on the road.

That is why the Google corporation strives to reduce the amount of victims in road traffic accidents and patents a 'sticky' technology. The new technology will help struck pedestrians avoid further injuries.

On the 17th of May Google patented the adhesive layer for the hood, which is supposed to glue struck people to the car to prevent them from getting under the wheels or falling on the pavement. The adhesive layer is activated at the moment of hard strike and the adhesion happens immediately. As a result, a pedestrian is safely fixed on the hood, though it looks funny, they are to wait for medical care in this awkward position.

Joking apart, such kind of protection can save many human lives. According to statistics, every day 45 people all over the world die in traffic accidents.

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