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ZeTrip Has a Chance to Become the Travel Facebook ZeTrip Has a Chance to Become the Travel Facebook

About fifteen – twenty years ago, you might suggest that Facebook was something like a book with your face on it, or Twitter was all about birds babbling. Now, considering that all these terms have drastically changed the world we live in, guesswork like this can make people think you're an old fogey. The Internet and web-based tools have become a cornerstone of various social industries, including the most exciting one: tourism. Well, keeping to the point, this article will be about a new “travel inspiration” startup ZeTrip.

“ZeTrip helps you find travel Inspiration for your next vacation”, the project's homepage says. Actually, the startup's essence is to provide its users with social travel infographics. Be more precise, ZeTrip investigates its users' social network activity and, basing on it, creates their own travel accounts or, if you like it more, a collective travel log.

I feel, this travel social network may become a so-called 'push' for always hesitating people, for those, who decide to take a journey only upon being prompted by some inner need or desire. ZeTrip' approach is to encourage people to visit more and more places, as such social travel log will serve as travel advice for users.

ZeTrip’ InterfaceZeTrip’ Interface

With 1,5 million created travel profiles, ZeTrip gives potential tourists an opportunity to mine the profiles of more experienced travelers for photos, videos and other information about the places they would like to visit.

By the way, since the tourism industry is one of the most successful in applying the Internet service to market its products, ZeTrip has all chances to blossom. Maybe, sooner or later, we won't have even the slightest idea how to build our destination wishlists without this travel infographic-creator.

How many chances does it have to become a really successful project?


Danford Blitz

I really like the project: it's catchy. I think it has all the chances to be a success. Before traveling, I always make use of sites alike to be aware of inspired places.

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