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7 Smartphone-Controlled Toys to Let Out Your Inner Child 7 Smartphone-Controlled Toys to Let Out Your Inner Child

Are the first 40 years of childhood always the hardest? They surely are. So whether you're ten or thirty, a couple of attention-grabbing toys, like a dogfighting helicopter or a dancing humanoid robot, should brighten your day. Today, we've rounded up 7 crazy-cool toys you can remotely control with your iOS or Android device. They include a smart airplane, a spying tank, a creepy bug, some cute robots, and even a pet pal. Want to let out your inner child? Then here we go.



You won't need a master's in aeronautics to fly this crash-proof airplane. Being complete with the FlightAssist technology, SmartPlane will analyze the situation on the fly and make all necessary adjustments to avoid compromising maneuverability. Its app, available for iOS and Android, will not only allow you to control the toy with your device, but also will simulate a fly-from-the-cockpit atmosphere, giving you a real cockpit feeling and a compass direction on your mobile screen as well. A lithium-polymer battery the airplane is powered with promises up to 30 mins of Air Time, and after that just charge it up in 15 minutes and enjoy flying SmartPlane again. [Price: $67.99]

Griffin Moto TC Rally

Griffin Moto TC RallyGriffin Moto TC Rally

Compatible with iOS devices only, the USB-rechargeable Moto TC Rally will give you an awesome driving experience, both in-app and real world. After installing the app, tilt your device to steer the toy or apply the pads on your touchscreen to navigate it. With impact sensors that detect obstacles and damages, you can get lots of fun racing with a friend and cause virtual damage to change the way your rival's car handles. Or you can race solo and, using the app, enable bonuses like turbo boosts or virtual attacks to spice up the excitement. [Price: $59.99]

WowWee MiP

WowWee MiPWowWee MiP

The WowWee MiP (short for Mobile inverted Pendulum) robot is a humanoid buddy with emotions that wants to play and interact with you while rolling around your flat on its two rubber wheels. This cutie can remember up to 100 commands and comes with six additional modes that you can switch just by turning one of the wheels. Besides, the toy is claimed to support so-called GestureSense Technology, which implies waving your hand to make the robot move around or follow you. Still, more often than not, MiP doesn't properly react to motions or goes to another direction of a command. So for less random control you can download the app on your iOS or Android device and use the touchscreen to lead the gadget. [Price: $99.99]

Rover Spy Tank

Rover Spy TankRover Spy Tank

Willing to go some snooping? Then the Rover Spy Tank would be perfect for the job. Equipped with a rotating camera with night vision, this wireless 'spook' can record live videos or still images and allows you not only to hear what it hears, but to give your own sound to its truck as well so nobody could notice it. With a rather wide wireless range, the Rover Spy Tank can travel up to 200 feet unhampered and requires a control app to be installed on your Android or iOS device. [Price: $156.00]

iPhone Controlled Bug

iPhone Controlled BugiPhone Controlled Bug

If you really want to creep out somebody, but have no idea how, then you shouldn't hesitate to get this pretty bug you can control with your iPhone. The iPhone Controlled Bug looks like a real insect whose legs can be remotely controlled up to a distance of 6 meters. The toy is powered with a USB-rechargable battery and needs the IR transmitter that must be plugged into the headphone jack. Download the controller app on your device and you're ready to pull a prank on a friend ... just make sure he doesn't squash the bug. [Price: $39.95]

Sphero 2.0

Sphero 2.0Sphero 2.0

A friendly robot ball, Sphero, was first launched in 2012. Then later in 2013, the Orbotix company unveiled the second generation of the toy – Sphere 2.0. Under its sphere-shaped hood, the robot features a powerful motor that can speed up the gadget up to 5 miles per hour, as well as a bright LED that changes colors. Like any other smartphone-controlled toy, Sphere requires a driving app to be stirred and navigated with D-pad or tilt controls, which also allows taking photos and videos while driving. Actually, besides the remote-driving option, the main app offers numerous minigames and activities compatible with the ball, while both Orbotix and other third-party developers added even more ways to play with over 30 apps specially designed for Sphero. [Price: $129.99]



Sure we love our pets and leaving them lying bored on the sofa when we go to work is really a sad moment. Here's the Petcube device offering a nice way to remotely watch and even talk to your pet when you're away. The gadget comes with a built-in camera, microphone, and a laser pointer so you can wirelessly interact with your fluffy pal via a cellphone or even get your friends to join in and play together. [Price: $199]