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Facebook Introduces Instant Articles Facebook Introduces Instant Articles

There have been lots of talks and rumors about the introduction of natively-hosted news articles on Facebook, and now the company officially confirmed its plans and started to roll out the feature globally. So let's have a closer look at Instant Articles before the Internet becomes synonymous to Facebook.

Instant Articles is a new feature created in collaboration with some of the top US and European publishers to deliver high-quality content to the users of the Facebook mobile app. At the moment the list of partners includes nine publishers: The New York Times, The Atlantic, NBC, National Geographic (Worldwide); BuzzFeed (US); The Guardian and BBC News (UK); Spiegel and Bild (Germany). The news will be created and stored directly in Facebook environment, which allegedly makes all the contents load ten times faster. The posts will appear on the pages of their respective creators and on the Facebook Instant Articles page. There are also lots of cool features, including immersive zoomable videos, loops and images that might be added to the articles to make it more visually appealing and thus, more likely to be clicked on.

At the moment the feature rolls out to iOS devices in the US and Europe with the Android and Web versions to be released soon.

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