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Oh really? Did you say 'annoying' together with 'irresistible technologies'? Yes, you haven't misheard, this article is devoted to what we have become tired of.

This time I'm talking about technologies in general, to be more precise, I'd like to dwell upon those that seriously irritate. No one can deny the significance of progress, but still there is something to complain about.

Come on, you should confess that there must be some particular staff that can infuriate you. While you are thinking, I'll share my bad experience.

1. Hide-and-seek with taps

Once I was at my aunt's new luxurious house. It happened right after the overhaul. So, at night when everybody was already sleeping, I decided to take a shower. But … there was no tap, I mean, there must have been some tap, but I failed to find it. In the morning my aunt asked me whether I had managed to use the tap. When auntie heard about this shameful adventure, she laughed. Frankly, I didn't find anything funny about this. The question is – Do we seriously need taps that are impossible to find?

2. Voice commands

Voice recognition function brings up only one association – voice dialling will be like passing seven circles of hell. Seriously, it does not identify complex statements properly. Furthermore, quite often this phone recognition system has difficulty with simple words and numbers. Nine and one seem to be rather similar to our phone. I don't think that this time 'never give up' does work.

3. A mirror and a smartphone = ?

I just wonder why for taking a 'good' picture a vast majority of Facebook users need a mirror and a smartphone (better if it is an iPhone). What a ridiculous fashion! Do you look better in a mirror or what? Or is it for showing that you have this hot gadget? Let me unveil one mystery – neither any mirror or phone will make your wretched snapshot look extraordinary.

4. Wi-Fi hotspots

When you invite friends for celebrating some important event, be sure that the place you choose won't be a hotspot. Otherwise, you'll celebrate your B-day or whatever watching your friends surfing the Web. The funny thing is that some restaurants even offer diners a 5% discount for leaving their phones. Reasonable, isn't it?

5. Touchless bathrooms

Touchless faucets are intended to reduce wasted water while air dryers reduce trash. Sounds good, but the truth is it's high time we started marking the places where this stuff works on Google Maps. By the way, has anyone of you ever managed to completely dry your hands with a hand dryer?

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Seriously, do you think anyone has ever managed to dry their hands with a hand dryer?


The only problem with the blow dryer is that not everyone washes therefore you still need the paper towel in order to touch the bacteria covered door knob to get out. Maybe the door should open automatically when the auto soap dispenser,water faucet and blow dryer have all been activated in that order. Lol
I think you just end up with a bunch of stupid people stuck in the bathroom.

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Yes, powerful dryer in supermarket near my home. No paper towels needed.

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Ray Temmerman

Q: Seriously, do you think anyone has ever managed to dry their hands with a hand dryer?
A: I'm sure it's happened, but I have no idea when, or who managed it.
It takes a lot of time, time during which no one else can use the dryer. And most times people just end up wiping their hands on their clothes and walking away. If you're going to put dryers in washrooms, put about 4 times as many as you had paper towel dispensers. Then see if the costs still add up to savings.

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Yulian Rohmy

Sometimes it can happen =) One modern technology I'm fed up with is window blinds lowering by themselves at the exact time every evening. I'm constantly forgetting about them and their noise's making me scared =)

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Yes, why not.
I have done it, but it takes a lot of time.
And time is not something everyone has.
I think you need more power than you blow away but your hands are dry. Henk.

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