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Facebook Funds Mobile Apps Development Class

Last week, Facebook's CIO Tim Campos announced that the giant social-network website will sponsor a mobile app development class at the Sequoia high school in Redwood. The course will teach students programming and design elements that will help them create applications for smartphones in the future.

Following the statement, Mr. Campos held a seminar where he talked about Facebook, the upcoming technology trends and answered a wave of questions from the students which varied from Facebook's future plans to his salary. Furthermore, the CIO of Facebook donated 50 Apple laptops to the school's computer science lab to help equip the school for the class the company is funding.

Mark Zuckerberg also made a surprise visit to Sequoia High, where he shared his thoughts about the importance of technology, science, engineering and math in education. Furthermore, the founder and CEO of Facebook went on to encourage the students interested in computer science and engineering to work hard, as success doesn't just come, but requires patience and perseverance.

According to Facebook officials, technology is constantly advancing, so future jobs will different from current ones, and that could prove to be a big advantage for today's youngsters. Having a deep understanding of computers and technology will give the future graduates the option of getting a good job and doing what they want.

This visit is a part of Facebook campaign which aims to encourage more youngsters (especially girls) to pursue careers in technology and science.

Source: The Almanac