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Facebook will soon alert you when someone impersonates you Facebook will soon alert you when someone impersonates you

After trying out several interesting features such as support for multiple accounts or a tool that could make breakups less awkward on the social network, Facebook is now working on a function that seems to be even more useful. The company is currently testing a feature that will be able to notify the users whenever someone tries to impersonate their accounts. It seems that this new functionality is already available for 75% of Facebook's users and will soon expand further.

In case you're curios how it all works, the algorithm identifies the people who have the same name and pictures as the ones used on your account. In case the algorithm finds accounts that match these conditions, you will be notified and asked to confirm whether the profile in question is actually impersonating you, or if it's a different person using legitimate data. If you think you are being impersonated, Facebook will use a dedicated support team to check out if they're actually dealing with an impostor and take actions in case it turns out to be true.

Besides impersonation alerts, the social network is also working on two additional features: a photo checkup function which gives users more control over those who can see their photos through the privacy settings and a better solution for reporting "non-consensual intimate images". Facebook already allows users to report those who upload intimate of them without their consent, but this improved functionality will make the process more sympathetic to the victim. If the person filling out the report identifies themself as being the one in the photos, they will be provided with external links to support groups and additional legal options.