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Gmail Boosts Spam Filters with AI Gmail Boosts Spam Filters with AI

Gmail filters are still far from being perfect. Most users create separate accounts to register on webstores or other websites, and that tends to turn your inbox into a wastepit filled with letters that cannot be considered spam as such. These include various promo offerings, newsletters, bank transaction details, etc. Naturally, you can easily mark a letter as spam, but sometimes you may risk missing an important email, and then you have to navigate through the spam folder to find it. Google does its best to improve its automatic algorithms to save your time and effort, and today the search engine giant officially announced the rollout of two important features that may finally make email filters more or less personalized.

The first part of the news is the introduction of Gmail Postmaster Tools. This feature is primarily aimed at mass senders (like airline ticket retailers, banks and other companies that have a long-standing reputation) and helps them get relevant data on delivery status, spam reports and other aspects. The purpose of Postmaster Tools is to provide for a more thorough analysis and help these companies develop better techniques to make sure you always get an important email.

On the other hand, Gmail spam filters now have an implemented artificial neural network that is capable of learning which emails you like and which you usually ignore. This may save you a couple of clicks (or taps) and make your inbox more personalized. According to the blog post, the new system is also better at detecting email spoofing, so whenever you get a strange email from someone who seems to be on your contact list, but isn't actually the person you think them to be, the email goes to spam.

If you wish to learn more about the new spam detecting algorithms in Gmail, read the official announcement here.

To learn more about Gmail Postmaster Tools visit this page.

VIA: Engadget

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