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Google Releases New Chrome Extension Called Bookmark Manager Google Releases New Chrome Extension Called Bookmark Manager

Google seems to be looking for ways to reinvent old functions and make them more attractive to the users. After recently launching an app named Inbox that offers you a better solution to deal with your email, the IT giant just released a new Chrome extension called Bookmarks Manager which is designed to improve the way the users interact with their bookmarks.

If you're unfamiliar with the subject, bookmarking is a function that has existed almost as long as the Internet has. It's a simple way for people to mark the websites that they liked, thus having a quick way to revisit them at any given time. Though every browser embeds bookmarking functionality, so far, there was no viable way to conveniently organize them as they pile up and this is why most people simply gave up on them. Google is aiming to bring the bookmarks back in force.

Bookmark Manager is a graphics-focused extension which doesn't only bring a cooler look to the bookmarks segment, but also aims to offer you an easier way to find the websites that you're looking for with the help of suggestive images. The tool displays all your bookmarks as a series of thumbnails, each with their own individual pop-menu. On the management side, the application is capable of automatically organizing your bookmarks into categories and offers content based searching functionality (it will look into the website's content, not only at the bookmark's title). Moreover, it can automatically synchronize the content of your Bookmarks section across all your devices.

While the initiative is commendable, I'm not sure that this extension will manage to bring bookmarks back into the hearts of web surfers. Currently, people prefer to use the powerful search engines which are available to everyone and the auto-complete functions to quickly get to their favorite websites, but maybe Bookmark Manager can turn the table back around.


I want this Google extension.

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+1 if it works right.

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