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Google's Inbox updated with better search capabilities Google's Inbox updated with better search capabilities

Google has just released an update to its Inbox app which gives the service some smart searching capabilities. Although these changes will be much more important to those who use the email client from a mobile device, they're also available for the online version of the tool, so everyone can take advantage of them. Of course, in order for these functions to work you will need to allow Google to see the content of your emails, but most of you already do that anyway, so it won't be too much of a privacy loss.

From now on, whenever you're looking for a specific thing in your emails such as "dinner reservation", Inbox will automatically show your next dinner reservation as the first result, instead of providing all the emails that contain the term and then letting you sort through them. Moreover, the email client now offers a function called Top Results, which will allow it to display the results that seem to be the most relevant to the user's query, before showing the regular results. While these may not be the biggest improvements that you've ever seen, these smart search capabilities can be very useful if you find yourself pressed for time.

Since the beginning, Inbox was able to automatically categorize your emails, highlight the important bits and prioritize the display order based on your past actions. Furthermore, a couple of months ago, the email client got even better thanks to the addition of the Smart Reply feature. In my opinion, Google's newest email client, Inbox by Gmail may have only been officially available since last summer, but it's already one of the best services of its kind available on the market.