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How to Delete Unwanted Accounts on Popular On-Line Services How to Delete Unwanted Accounts on Popular On-Line Services

Once you decided to cast your lot with Facebook, Google+, Instagram, or whatever social network, you were most likely to think you two would be together forever. Still, all things change, and so does the number of sites and online services you're a member of. With accounts making services more useful, the Internet is readily becoming an overwhelming series of usernames and passwords, which could turn into a security threat if left unmonitored. That is exactly why, unless you're not using a particular account anymore, it's a good idea to delete it.

Sadly, when it comes to breaking up, most of websites make deleting an account something easier said than done. Some may require tedious, life-long processes to quit, others may intentionally hide the button that removes your personal statistics. Whatever the reason may be, we are to help you avoid all that hassle with the tips and links you need to sever all ties. Here we go.


Feeling unsocial or extremely tired of virtual friends? There are two options to get rid of your Facebook account: the one is permanent and irrecoverable, the other allows you to rejoin. In case deletion is too much for you, you can just shut down your account for a little while with the deactivation option. As expected, Facebook will try to convince you not to leave by showing photos of your friends who won't apparently consider the social network the same without you. But if you forge ahead, you will have to specify why you're quitting and whether you opt out of receiving future emails from FB.

To totally delete your account, here's the link to go.


Delete Google+ AccountDelete Google+ Account

Considering how powerful Google is in our digital existence, leaving the King of search is simply foolish and even wrong. Breaking up with Google undoubtedly implies parting with all its services, like Picasa, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, or the Google Play store. Removing all of them at one go is actually much easier with visiting this page. Mind you, we still advise you against such a risky undertaking! No sooner will you delete your entire Google account, the reactivation will be out of the question.

Speaking about Google+, there is a link to help you get of it alone without nuking your main Google account.


Twitter Account DeactivationTwitter Account Deactivation

Compared with the two aforementioned services, quitting a Twitter account is relatively simple. Just visit Twitter's Is It Goodbye? page and confirm that you want to deactivate your account. One word of warning, though: the short-form video sharing service owned by Twitter, Vine, is integrated into your main profile, so if you are willing to leave only Vine and keep Twitter, contact company via the Vine support.


Resembling Google, Yahoo provides a lot of associated services that will be permanently shut down as well, when you delete your account. So Flickr, if you have it, will be also removed by this action. Actually you can delete Flickr separately by visiting this Profile Deletion page. As for the entire Yahoo account, the direct removing link is here.


LinkedIn is arguably the most efficient social service aimed at business-oriented networking. Yet still you want to cancel, there's nothing complicated about this at all. Just log in via your desktop browser, click on 'Settings' in the upper-right of the screen, and select 'Close Your Account' under 'Personal Information'. That's it.


Closing Amazon AccountClosing Amazon Account

Once you pulled together to cut all ties with Amazon, note that you have no pending transactions and make sure you've either received or canceled all your orders. Only after that, you can close your account by contacting the Amazon customer service department to request your profile to be deactivated. You should consider sending the message to the customer service from the e-mail-address joined to your account.


Removing a profile in this social network with a strong music emphasis will go off without a hitch. Log in to your account, go to 'My Account' in the top right corner, click on the 'Account' link, and select 'Cancel Account'. Here's the direct removal link. 

All the above instructions work fine when it comes to deleting/closing/removing on-line accounts you're not using anymore. If there are any other services you want to withdraw, we have for you a link to the resource called Accountkiller to make at least things be a little simpler.


I want to remove ArcadeYum, but they seem to be only working with PC and I use Mac. ArcadeYum got into my computer somehow and I want it out.

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Guest #34742540

Is there anything to remove iTunes account?

 –  9 years ago  –  Was it helpful? yes | no (0)
Haley James

Unfortunately, there's no direct link for deleting. Still, you can close your account by contacting the Apple support to request deletion http://www.apple.com/support/itunes/contact/

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