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Intel Unveiled 'World's First No-Wires Intel Unveiled 'World's First No-Wires" Laptop

I have recently bought my mother a wireless router and although she liked the idea of being able to browse Facebook in any room of her house, she complained about the additional wiring required. Imagine that: whining about the additional wiring from a device designed to eliminate the need for cables. Well, it seems that Intel will soon free me from this kind of discussions, as the company has recently unveiled a completely wireless laptop.

This latest wonder of technology will completely eliminate any need for wiring as it uses a wireless charging table to refill its battery. Furthermore, shall you wish to connect it to a larger display, you can also do that without using any bulky cable with the help of the Wi-Di (Wireless Display) technology. Of course, in order for this to work, the display itself will also have to embed this new kind of technology.

Even though Intel first talked about its wire-free laptop concept in June last year, I for one, didn't expect the first prototype to be available so soon. After unveiling the device at the Intel Developer Forum in China, Kirk Skaugen declared: “This is going to be the world’s first PC where you’d never need to connect a wire to it.”

But being completely wireless, isn't the only thing that's really cool about this new laptop. The prototype also embeds hybrid technology which allows the screen to be pulled out of the keyboard dock. Another interesting feature is the addition of WiGig technology which allows the laptop to wirelessly connect to other storage devices and transfer data at speeds of over 7 G bits per second. Moreover, the device is also the first one to incorporate Skylake (6th generation processors).

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When is this getting released in India and what's the price?

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