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Looking for a scare? Check out MIT's Nightmare Machine Looking for a scare? Check out MIT's Nightmare Machine

Since today is Halloween, I thought that it's the best time to show you MIT's new Nightmare Machine project. To put it as simple as possible, this project utilizes machine learning algorithms to automatically transform regular photos into eerie ones. Out of all the possibilities brought by artificial intelligence, the ability to scare humans was one that I never thought about. Furthermore, since this is a machine learning system, the more people it scares the better it becomes as it.

The Nightmare Machine is based on Google's Deep Dream art generation tool, but its creations are a lot more twisted. However, you don't have to take my word for granted; visit the Nightmare Machine official website and check them out for yourself. While you're there, you can also help the AI become better by voting on ten pictures of distorted faces, telling the project which ones are scary and which ones aren't. As you can see, the project has two sides: Haunted Faces and Haunted Places. The former can use several different horror styles, each one scary in its own way. Finally, if you scroll a bit lower down the page, you will also see a few short stories regarding the history of the horror genre and artificial intelligence, which would make for a very interesting reading, especially today.

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