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MionixLabs Created The First Mouse That Monitors Your Vitals MionixLabs Created The First Mouse That Monitors Your Vitals

For most people it may seem like just fun, but the professional gaming industry is growing every day. E-sports are a thing and "real" sports will just have to learn to deal with it. The Dota 2 International Championship winners got more money than the winners of the NBA finals or the winners of Stanley Cup. Furthermore, e-sports events fill entire arenas and stadiums all over the world, so why shouldn't professional gamers have as much training help as professional athletes?

Created by MinoixLabs, NAOS GQ is an awesome gaming mouse that introduces a whole new concept for professional gamers as well as for "amateurs". This prototype embeds sensors that can measure the player's heart rate and skin response, display the data in real-time with the help of an overlay window, and record statistics to help gamers better analyze their performance. Furthermore, this smart gadget will record peak values and take screenshots of the actions that happened in that second. Lastly, you can also share the real-time display as well as the data collected with the other members of your team or your coach.

Real Time Heart Monitoring and SharingReal Time Heart Monitoring and Sharing

But don't be fooled by the presentation, at its core this product is still a professional gaming mouse with high-quality design and in-game functionality. The gadget has a really comfy and ergonomic design, seven additional buttons, and it allows you to create multiple settings profiles for different games that you are playing. The only thing some of you may not like is that the mouse is specifically optimized for right-handed players, but if you are a lefty, you probably already have this problem with other gaming mice as well.

NAOS GQ is currently in a funds gathering campaign on KickStarter and, once it hits the markets (estimated: July 2015), the product will be priced at $149. For more information visit this link.


Sensor PlacementSensor Placement


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