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Boost your low-end headphones with Creative Sound Blaster E3 Boost your low-end headphones with Creative Sound Blaster E3

So, you've bought yourself a new smartphone or tablet and love the output sound quality of the supplied earphones so much that you plug it in every jack you see? If the previous line is not about you, then you are probably on your way to buy something able to produce decent sound. But wait! If quality sound is something you are ready to give over $100 for, then the thing I'm going to tell you about might be a far better solution than buying mid-range headphones.

Creative Sound Blaster E3 is a wearable Digital to Analog converter, or, to put it simple, an amplifier that will make the most out of your earphones, earplugs or headphones and connect it to your mobile device via bluetooth or USB cable. Though the design might seem a bit robust, this small thing does its job perfectly well. Except for its basic function, Sound Blaster E3 allows for some other extremely useful workarounds, like plugging in two pairs of headphones at the same time for listening to music with a friend. One of the two jacks also supports microphone input, but if you don't have one, there is also a built-in microphone which will help you handle your phone calls, without taking your smartphone out of the pocket. The control buttons on the side will grant you handy control over your playlist and volume.

The only thing that personally I don't like about the device is its plastic body. Nevertheless, most reviewers who managed to get their hands on the device say that it's quite tough regardless of the material. So if you are a fan of good sound quality, or looking for a Christmas present for an audiophile, then Creative Sound Blaster E3 will be a really nice choice. Visit this website if you want to buy it or to learn more.