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Back to the Present: Hendo Hoverboard Back to the Present: Hendo Hoverboard

 You've got it right, yet another awesome invention from one of your favourite movies is now a reality thanks to Hendo Hover. Guess what this new piece of tech uses for take off? Gas, air stream, water pressure - forget about it. It's the power of magnetc fields that makes the board fly. Still, this is not exactly the board Marty McFly rode, as you will be able to perform a backflip only on a metal-covered ramp. Nevertheless, there is enough time until October 2015, for Hendo Hover to catch up with the movie. Below is the video for those who are still skeptical about the invention. Nothing special, just Tony Hawk riding the hoverboard.

Naturally, the price tag for the toy is immensely high - $10,000 – but the first ten boards were sold out on Kickstarter long ago and are promised to be delivered to the owners by October 2015. Perfect timing if the board is shipped right on the day mentioned in the movie. If you are interested in the project, you are welcome to visit the Hendo Hover website to learn how you can support the team. As for me, I'll keep saving up for a lightsaber.




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