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Nimb - a device that lets you send secret distress alerts Nimb - a device that lets you send secret distress alerts

When it comes to personal safety, things are a bit complicated because it's hard to find a device that will allow you to ask for help without attracting to yourself and without running the risk of accidentally triggering it when you're not in danger. Nimb strives to provide an effective and, most importantly, discrete solution for you to alert the authorities, the people near you or your friends that you're in peril. This smart ring can be a real life-saver if you don't forget to charge it.

The Nimb ring has a hidden button on its backside that you need to press for three seconds in order to activate the alarm. The good news is that although it's easy to activate, the chance of you accidentally triggering the distress signal is pretty small and, even if you do, you will have 20 seconds to cancel the alarm by entering the right password on your phone's app.

There are a lot of cool things about this smart ring and it seems like its creators have thought about everything. For starters, the app (which works on both iOS and Android) allows you to define the contacts that will be alerted if you activate the alarm and the list can include the 911 emergency service. Another plus is that the ring constantly keeps track of your location and after you activate the alarm it will instruct your phone to start audio recording. Lastly, if you're being forced to cancel or turn off the alarm, you can enter a special code which will allow the people who saw to distress signal to know that you had to disable it against your will.

As far as additional functionality goes, Nimb will vibrate whenever the phone that it's connected to is out of communication range, so you will no longer run the risk of leaving your phone behind when you go out. Moreover, looking at the size of the ring, I'm guessing that if push comes to shove, it will do some damage in case you decide to throw a punch at your attacker. If I've piqued your interest and you want more details about this smart ring, you should check out its official website.

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